About Promise Church

Who We Are

Promise Church in Cleburne is a Spirit-filled, nondenominational church that is filled with love and is very family oriented.  The church was started in 2015 so it is still a young church with a lot of room for growth.  Right now is a perfect time to plug-in and see what God has in store.

Our Philosophy

We are fully aware that we are a link in the history of the church age. We are a product of our past, and a heritage for the future.  We are thankful for those who preceded us, laying a foundation upon which we can build for today and tomorrow.  We want to do our predecessors justice by holding to truth, contending for the faith, and remembering their intent in the work of the church. We want to be faithful to our present generation, as well as to the future ones, by faithfully contending for the truth of God's Word in its purest form.

For these reasons, we want to teach the Word of God, exalt the risen Savior, reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ, edify the body of Christ and prepare our children, by equipping them with Jesus Christ and His love, to live successfully and victoriously.

There is a place for you, in this work for the Lord.  You too can be a link in this chain that spans from the past to the future.  We invite you, who want to be a part in the work of the Lord, to come and be a part of Promise Church.  Join forces with God and Promise Church as we build strong families and do our part to reach our world with the glorious light of Jesus Christ.